Sustainable Systems.

Imagine water over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, pressure over 3,000PSI made possible using solely concentrated sunlight: a major breakthrough allowing for concentrated solar energy as a viable large-scale power generation source on our planet while simultaneously allowing for the massive, large-scale activation and purification of our most precious natural resource, water, in processes which are both clean and sustainable. Giving humanity the choice for a future without dependence on pollution for energy. This a solution for global climate change, and in order for it to be successful, it must be not only a movement of the water on this planet, but also a movement of the people.  Please visit the project website for more details or email to get involved.

Participatory Government

Our Govermental Oversight Project aims towards the eradication of the current requirement for representation within our world governments. This is not to say we do not believe that people have the right to choose someone else to represent their views on their behalf should they decide as such. Instead, we are suggesting that all people should have the right to vote directly on the actions which our world governments shall conduct and can therefore have real control our government action with our votes and communicaton.  An agreement to communicate.

Aimed at the realization of what some have described as a global home, the ASH:ES project aims to create a extensive network of autonomous community outreach points, essentially a worldwide home with very many rooms. The focus on autonomy blended with strong communication and coordination on the best current practices creates a resilient structure which can scale well to the increasing demands of tomorrow while also facilitating rapid deployment and network development. By connecting participating groups together into our network, we are creating an expansive sense of home which can encourage cultural exchange and diplomacy. By interoperating with the framework of various social networking sites, we are building tools for taking these concepts to the next level.


The Water Movement

A Safe Haven: Environs Sustainable

Boycott for Better Business

Imagine an organization that is owned by everyone.  Every person, every adult and every child, is an owner.  When you are born, you are given a share, and when you come of age, we show you how you may contribute and how to enjoy the benefits of being an owner.  Every bad business that we boycott, eventually we can buy collectively, then rebuild the carcass into a better business.  Boycotting for the betterment.