Sustainable Systems.

Founder, Jah Varuna Ananda


In his official role as Community Vision Producer, Jah Varuna has long been making moves to move the movement, striving daily to move forward a solid platform of open-source, accessible, transparent, participatory systems, sustainable living systems technology, and healthy community business development for the betterment of betterment for over a decade, and is always looking to ignite a grassroots fire which will allow us all to emerge into the rebirth of our future as a people inhabiting a planet.

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The Seawater Greenhouse Project is a innovatively natural approach to the complications involved in the filtration of ocean water by organic means, removing excess salts, thus furthering agricultural and ecological rehabilitation efforts in the Jordan desert.

Our grassroots concepts for direct democracy meet with phenomenal reviews when people are willing to determine their own destiny. Are you willing?

Planning for the future is a community effort, and we plan with the people who communicate, so if you were looking for here for Global Community Network events, you need to actually contact us, indicate how you would like to become involved, and take it from there.


This might be too easy, it might be overly simplified and yet it is how community actually functions, with human interaction.


So, join us in putting the fun back into functional and become involved with making the future become the realities of our dreams. It's worth it.



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