Sustainable Systems.

The Global Community Network is an organization of concerned citizens and organizations, people and groups having chosen to begin making a difference in our world, decided to restore our collective rights over our respective governments through relation opinion aggregation technologies.  Voting.  Because of this, we can work together more efficiently and therefore achieve greater good for all.  Given this, we see the benefit of reinstating our collective reasoning at the head of our government, choosing to have candidates be responsible for following the will of the people with wisdom, prudence and diligence.

Relational Opinion Aggregation Rights


The ROAR project facillitates the efficient collaboration and connection of participants and ideas even from disparate locations and different cultures.  This helps move the movement, in the direction we as a people would like to see the movement moving.  This is about our choices being the life we are living, our choices being the news we see on the news at night and our choices being what controls the future we give to the coming generations.  Your ideas have value, and this system will allow you to share your vision and provide a forum for the elevation of the best ideas into our collective reality.


We believe this is the next evolution in voting conceptually: that actions are the source of decision, not which person will be choosing the actions.  Following this principle, we are building a system to elevate choice suggestions for the populous to decide course of actions and prioritize government resources.  Movement towards global socio-economic harmonization is critical to achieving our mission.  Our individual voices being able to be heard in a meaningful way will allow for faster agreement and therefore greater development of good, worldwide.


Harmonization in this context has many implications.  Global sustainability is not merely a goal, it is an absolute necessity, and a factor which provides a unqiue opportunity worldwide for balancing the complex systems upon which our lives collectively depend.  Beginning with that most precious substance with which all life begins, and moving right on down the line into every aspect of a satisfying and enjoyable life.  We all deserve it all.  We are all worth it, whether it is having clean drinking water, fresh air to breathe or a nice meal; it is all part of the bounty this earth lovingly supplies.  Of course we all deserve compensation and motivation to perform the acts we perform to achieve the many interlacing goals we achieve to be our own selves.  It is such a beautiful life, and despite quite a number of pressing global issues, the means by which to bring agreement amongst people and to provide for all these people, and those yet to be, are essentially the same instruments, and that is a convenient reality.